Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mercedes confirms another shooting brake

I love shooting brakes, they are the automotive world's equivalent to two fingers to the world, so you think station wagons are for soccer moms? Well not these.

Shooting brakes used to be a British thing, the Reliant Scimitar and various bespoke versions from Aston Martin, Bristol, Bentley and there is even a couple of  Ferrari 456 shooting brakes, allegedly belonging to the Brunei royal family.

Mercedes Benz has caught the bug and after approving the CLS shooting brake late last year (it may show up at Frankfurt as the real McCoy) they have now approved the production of a baby shooting brake, presumably from the CLC model family.

Bravo to Mercedes-Benz.

After the jump is a collection of a few shooting brakes.

31/2 litre Derby Bentley shooting brake

Bentley Arnage shooting brake

ASton Martin DB5 shooting brake

Ferrari 456 shooting brake

Jaguar XJS shooting brake

I love this one, Reliant Scimitar

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